Autumn not for me (yet)

I've always wanted to be in autumn. But you know, it's Malaysia. It won't happen unless I move my body out of here.
I hope I'm not riding a snail

However, at least, I can still afford my adorable Tofu a beautiful autumn habitat.

Tada, here's my effort of petting other Fluff pets since I have no luck in winning munny through racing(gambling).

Tofu, aki is always here for you, but not for me. how not nice for me and nice for you=)

Tofu and Aki(autumn)
See we are now together:)~

I hope you love your new sweet dwelling
and we still have 7 munnies left =D


Race hard, dear all Fluffers!

* * *

haih. Fluff friends also need munny(s).

Like this die also have to work magic liao lohhhh

But before that...
Facebook, here I come!=D

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raziel the undead nomad said...

summer all year long~ i hope there will be snow...