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Sheep VS predator

from a giver to a leech,

and another leech,
and another leech

There is no cycle,
like a roasted suckling pig
things just end there, dead,
after the savoring session of thoughtless consumption

How obvious could it be,
the visible pain from the heart

How not obvious could it be,
that the giving is only giving,
and giving,
and giving

You are sucking too much from what I wanted to offer

no songs can do right on how i feel ,

of the sly,
the deceitful
around me



下午 • 阴天 • 朋友的心意 =)


Read my very own writing, 

Felt like a total, stranger, to me, 
my past, and present

Brain has not been fully functioning lately, 
couldn't blame the cholesterol level nao as it's been a past issue
I guess,
it's the comfort i've received so far, since leaving my solitude in the lion city

I need a break through
a great kick start

* * *

I've made the Entrance,
and next is to make a way through it.

* * *

If there is an examination on myself,
i probably would give it a pass;

Self history is a boring thing to learn anymore

to make life more challenging,
lets not learn

We re-generate
a new self

Writing history is far more challenging than learning one



There are so much to pour,
but to where

Time to change,
to share, 
within the air
as a silent conduct
through the art, from my heart

for heart to be lightened

mid of the day
a breathing lung, in a cloudy day, a gloomy after noon

excruciated by the non pleaded guilt

i see from the window,
the wind blows outside

it's gonna rain

i wish this weather stays

it's darker in the house now, 
the power gone down
it's now drizzling out there, 
ticktap, ticktap

wind brought here the rainy cloud,
it drizzled and stopped

the moments have changed
it's a natural cycle

we lived, and live in changes

metamorphose, but one thing that i don't ask for