I want you back

I want her comes Back to me, in me, with me all the time, ok?

It sounds like Im begging a long-gone-lover come back to me no?

It's true I loved her once and as time goes by I had let her slipped out of my sight with no sign.

I miss you. Truely and dearly, deep down from my heart.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Come back to me, please

Hm.. Let me think think 1st.

Come.. come back la...

I said think think 1st lok~

Please lah please lah, I really need you to come back leh

Really? Say you can't live without me 1st.

I can't live without you.

Ok lah~ but promise to be happy with me all the time ya!

I will=) I found you once again, and I really want you to stay with me =D!

We live happily ever after ok=)

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I dug out all my old CDs to browse for files to do my portfolio. ( Yes friends, ah mian finally wants to look for job now, no more selling chicken rice. )

However I found these those-were-the-days photos alongside and I started lookin into each of em.

She reminds me of my happy soul.

She was so colorful.

And always with a happy big big smile.


Big Smile.

Bigger Smile.

Big Big Smile.

Big Bigger Big smile and getting Uglier! Oiii!!

Anyway she smiles.

I miss her!

And she was always with friends.
Friends and friends and gai gai, and 38 all around.

With best friend=)

With bunch of sisters who actually declared themselves as the 12-princesses.

With 001 Joyce.

Best friends 4eva.

With 007 Mama Jen

Ah miss those days during a visit back to band concert

We cycled together

We were friends because our hair looks alike., and tongue.

I was such a big smile girl.
And many many more.

Look at me now

Like an old and lonely black-widow.

And always with a smudged liner to cover my dark wrinkles.

Always spiritless and tiresome.

So, I said, I wana regain my happy spirit!

People used to say, don't always look backward,
I guess it is right for now to look backward,
to remind myself, I was once a happy spirit and
I can still be, the happy girl
but in a different way xD~~

Not this way.

Not this way!

Hey!! Not this way also lah!!

Anyway, anyway lah!


fonghou said...

gambadae ya!!
be bec ur own princess n live happily forever. U hav 7 dwarfs (ur friens) accompany u always. mayb sumtime may face sum bad time 2 but do remember tat 1 day ur prince wil cum n save u :)

all the best!!

Jess P.L. said...

There's no me in d picsss........
oh... sob T_T sob

si said...

what the heck!!!
what does he mean by 7 dwarfs????
Mian!!!! :'(
Just be who you are and who you wanna be! Your own feelings wont lie to you.
Alwiz tell urself, Life is short, so live ur life!!

ManChien said...

Jess: I have u in my life now :P Muakss hehe :*

Si: Indeed loh, u r rite=) Currently chasing away the darker side in me=|