Feel So UGLY

I hate to feel ugly right in the morning.

I just feel so UGLY and I hate myself for still waking here now yah why not sleeping-or-whatever-not-awake-or-just-black-off still instead

I hate my face and my lips and my sensitivity and my ears and my heart and my brain which made me a Brainless-alike-that-reminds-me-all-time-to-be-dumb-humble-and-pharking-low-profile. Forget the malfunctioned parking nose.

Want to Rip off all my body parts and feed ITITITIT to the killer-shark(who had swallowed Christina Aguilera's shooting crew(IN MY DREAM)) I dreamt of yesterday night and what a farking bloody nightmare that I had to witness all the stupid shit horrors in my I-thought-I-sealed-ITx2-tight-TIGHT-eyes. GO SWIM AWAY AND NEVER COME BACK TO RETURN ME MY BLOODY PARTS IN BLOODY SHIT and REMEMBER to remind me to jump into your UGLY big mouth so that I CAN LET YOU EAT ME ALIVE and I will ever have the Experience of NEAR DEATH(OH SO WHAT I ASSUME I AM STILL CONSCIOUS AFTER DEATH IN DREAM) and that I COULD appreciate my life more appropriately than NOW WHEN I AM AWAKE(IF I REALLY AM).


I hate talking to PEOPLE(WHO asked silly questions and SILLY-LY neglect your senses throughout your life and thought that SOME OTHER PEOPLE ARE DAMN SICK but not yourself-OH I AM TALKING TO MYSELF AGAIN. I AM SICK. Ah~ I made a false statement. You don't neglect your senses throughout your life because you still go to a doctor when you are having a sore throat or disturbing-draining-eyes or running nose or aching stomach or deadly-killing-aching-tooth. GO BRUSH YOUR TEETH

I just want some autistic moment for myself.
I HATE PHONE CALLS AND Whatever it is I JUST Want to be in QUIET.


* * *

I was watching Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane and I was so highly entertained by her amusing loud dramas(Who wouldn't enjoy watching a mogul, model and mother of 2 children 's dramas) and she actually reminds me of someone who Kimora-is-prettier-than-she-is-that-she and both performed the comparable degree of fabulous drama in real life and ah! I think Kimora is SMART and I just~ love~ dramas dramas.

* * *

Blah, I still feel so ugly and I hope there is something that I can do to shut my ears and I need a quiet fresh-aired place to breath. Any where selling Doraemon's Fresh-Air-Can or similiar products?

Going for drawing class later and I hope there is where I can get my heart tamed and be just concentrate in drawing and I love it so much and I would not mind being a happy-but-poor artist someday when I have jump off the circle of keep rolling-rolling-rolling(Oh thanks Limpbizkitz for your background voice) down the hill.


Jess P.L. said...

well dear, let's our UK trip trigger your fantasy realm into reality become a BEAUTY rather than mingling arnd UGLINESS ya

MUAKS...Stay sweet

ManChien said...

Yeah i hope i dream of sharks no more for tonite and tmrow's night and tmrow tmrow's night . . .

=D Muakssss=*~

I still feel ugly inside..>.<