I went OD

I mean, *outdoor

Went under the sun to do some shooting yesterday=)

Weather was damp. Sky was cloudy and I thought it would rained. However it turned out sunny so the condition went just nice=)

Some of my photos =) :
*ih? =)):
exactly, =) and ):

"Adieu! Wicked Witch" saucer and soup bowl ,
designed in 2006 for school project

White little flower,
I love, love wild flowers

However, doing out door shooting wasn't with no sweat.

I was alone and I thought I could shoot in peace.

And what broke the peace?

1) Man-made disaster :
- Distraction(s)

Some uncles who afraid I would eat up their grass
and they end up having a grass-less tee box.

2) Natural disaster(s) :

Humans are also part of nature.

Other than that,
my shoots were interrupted by some little
uninvited-unexpected guest. Well, expected maybe.

3) Man-made and natural disaster(s):

I guess I disaster-ed this little buddy's way home? @.@

Anyway shooting continued:P

Dry leafs
I started fantasizing autumn again (u.U)~

Grassy hair (HAIR!)
The picnic-uncle musta thought that I am some kinda

3-wheeled car
(aka little dumpling)

Longing home

My salty fish
Love you to everywhere we go =)

* * *

I went OD yesterday,
I ain't bright like a Jolly,
I fed grass to my spidy,
and went home before the sky gone gloomy.

Just for the sake of y.



talkative wormie said...

I wanna go OD as well, i have an idea, lets organize an "africa" camping trip someday. haha we can bring some animal soft toys and fake guns + some TNT bomb acting like an explorer~! haha. i am too carry away! well got the inspiration from the movie No reservation" watc it in the flight.Nice cozy french cuisin romantic movie. haha..well i am serious, we shall do this something

aki @ Mc said...

hahaha =D! good idea wormie let's do it someday ^^ sounds absolutely adventurous =)~
Miss you much :P