What I do when I am SICK - like an infected computer system

Computer viruses are annoying. They keep system running slow, retarded and gone wrong, they make things wrong.

I want to say, when mentality is not stable, it's like a virus-infected computer system. There is this method of mine to keep my otak system runs smoother.

My Anti-Minus Method

When you are having System down - Mentally ill,
Scan for virus
- Do your Self reflection (Find out what's troubling you)

<<- - - Scanning in progress - - ->>
- It is better to concentrate at this point to allow better performance. Think, analyze, feel, and understand your trouble(s). Excessive activities will only slow down this process.

Virus(s) detected
- You discover the problem(s), issue(s), or whatever that is that suppose to be swept out.

Move to vault/Quarantine
- Face your detected virus and find your way to deal with it.
- Regroup your mind

Successfully quarantined
- Mental regrouped

- You can stop now

- It can mean anything or nothing that keeps you well. I use classical musics.

End of Anti-Minus Method.
Now you can have a temporary fine mental.
It is advised to constantly run your anti-minus scan.

I hate virus but it reminds me to constantly upgrade my anti-mirus(minus+virus) system for good.
Ah at least I find a decent reason for virus to not feel so guilty for its being.


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