Nick Name

I was yamcha-ing with a few kaki tonight, 2 were talking about some other friend and I heard Fan Shue blah blah blah, fan shue blah blha blhah$%^&*(Blah blah)~, (Blah).

I sat there, with my head 22 degree slanted and looked up to the ceiling, and started to imagine their friend who they called Fan Shue.

My Imagined FanShue:

(Does he look like an ubi? Or does he behave like an ubi? (LOL, Ubi behaviour, how cute is that! sound edible-ly delicious)or he likes to eat ubi?)

FanShue sounds cute!

There are a few more that I came across and I can't help imagining how these people visually looked like.

Gan Ze / Zuk Zeh / Bamboo
Okay Im lazy to draw out all the look-alike sticks

Ji Xiong (Chicken Breast)
A friend of jie jie, nick-named as such because his Chinese name sounded like.. Ji xiong , chicken breast

Ji Tui (Chicken Drumstick)
Cousin's friend. Haha Oh dear ji tui as a friend! So YUMMY hahah

Gai yik (Chicken Wing)
Another cousin's friend.

Wali~So delicious.

Some even sound almighty and monstrous. Both are friends of mine LOL~~

The almighty ah Chuen:
In Du Shen (Indian God)

because he has a similiar "mark" as the indian GOD does.


GGrrrRRroooooooRRrrhhhhhh~~ This is my fwen ah La.

Eh btw does anyone know why ah La is named Godzilla?

And what's the cutest nick you've came across?


Porkie said...

cheesie, porkie and nees..kekeke :P

Joyce said...

hahahaa...ur chicken wing looks like shit la......=( *no offence!!!*

yahor, come to think of it...i also wonder why is Ah La called that..hmm...

ManChien said...

haha yeah cheesie is a classic now =)

ah si said...

cos ala looks like godzilla?? offense to ala..just curious as u guys
wats man chien's nickname then?

ManChien said...

What do you say after your prayer?
. . .
AhMiEN (u.u)


lil wormies said...

its cute!