My wounded legs

I now have wounded legs.

I climbed the long long stairs with my wounded legs.

I read and rest on my wounded legs.

One day, I look into the mirrow.
And I saw,

my wounded legs.

I wanted to tell,

I shall not forget, you are now part of me,
I shall spare a moment of time,
for thee,
to make you pretty,
as beautiful as a pair of pretty little wounded legs.

A special dedication to my dear knees:
Get well soon:)


si said...

good start mian~~ gambate!!

ManChien said...

^^ haik haik^^!
gambadeh masuuuuu!

lil wormie said...

That's so cute: ) Really hope to read more of the comic stripz! : ))

Clara said...

Its very funny !! Love it : ) I WANT MORE !haha

a bu den said...

i used to have a blog too: () haha..

ManChien said...

A bu den, I read ur blog=)