Yam Zhou Char, 4 quet 1 nehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh leehong~~~~

Em hou yi si dear all, suppose to update yesterday right after we gone back home but I then went out till late nite:P~~~

What happen to ah Si's personal plane pilot hah! Gao-chor-zhor flew to Sarawak instead of Sabah to pick Leehong up for zhou-char~~Si, fire him ok hahaaha

So here is the activity report along with the yummieee dim sum pictures =D

Activity Report:

Venue : Ming Kok

Time : 9 in the early Saturday Morninggg

Date : 8th Septemba 2007!

Muahahaha, dim sum overview picture~

Happie until zau young picture XP~

So so, these are what we ordered:

Blur blur G-cheong fun with prawn~

Gau-Choi Gao~~~


Blur Blur pei dan zuk~~~

Salad Prawn!~~ Sssluurrpp~~~

Si's favourite Scallop-gao~~

Mong-char-char siew mai~~~

Fry Lo-Bak-Gou~~


LeeHong's favourite.....~~~

Leng jai Harh-Gaooo~~

Fatty Steam Pai Guat~

Lastly before we had our stomach full-till-burst,



which I mean, 甜蜜蜜 莲子海底椰雪耳糖水
Sweetly accomplished our zhor-char session:)~~

= The End of report =

Dear leehong, this is something for you ^^

We know you like Harh-gao,
so I dedicate to you this argh,
harh-gao girls !

Waiting, waiting for our reunion~~ ^^~