I did a tattoo on my inner forearm some time ago.

It was a whole new experience to me.
My first, tattoo.

This is the Jerry, tattoo artist from Inkz Tattoo.

Jerry preparing to sanitize partial of my forearm.
This is the spot where I could easily see, and constantly remind myself of a determined thought :)

Marking outline for the tattoo.

A Plus sign I was getting.
For now it signifies a Target Point, the Progression, and Positivity to me.
It is a Moving Forward Sign to Achieve My Dream.

"Ppszzz!!!!!!!!!!!!", The machine sounded scarily loud. 
However to my disbelieve, the entire process did not hurt at all, 
not, at, all! 
A red-ant's bite is more painful than this.

It took less than 3 minutes of ppsszzz-ppsszzzing
to get the mark down under my skin.

I got my "+" now :>
I feel One-ness and All
Dream and I are One.

* * *

On this day, I've made a mark of a permanent dream to chase for.

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creative tatooo pleasee