i am 23years 6months 6days old; im here, just to see

i was called an old woman, an older girl, by someone declared to be younger, ah whatever,
Aren't we already affirmed old since our 1st birthday, 
the 1st day after we were born, 
if anyone ever celebrate our existence each day we live, 
we get older every second, day, year,
everybody gets old, real old, 
it doesn't matter how old we are getting because everybody is getting older the same time

yeah you are older now , too

so what i am an older 23 years 6 months 6 days lady, 

to your least expectation i'm even getting older now than you know, 

very, very, old

i'm not mad dont you worry, old woman is forgiving ;>

but just remember you are older too




* * *

btw, that pic on top is my new henna design : >
it is a peacock if you can relate


lil wormie said...

ure my favorite i mean you. yes. you. : )

lil wormie said...

ure so creative : ) so adollrebell. my weapon of destruction in the making!

ManChien said...

weapon? haha
a bomb bomb or a M60?

btw I'm better in cat fighting with bare hands than being a weapon during a war fight :D !!! right?

lil wormie said...

haha!! well..i guess i am kinda lucky you dont own a weapon ^ ^