Rant Rant Rant!

Dear Diary

I failed to convey idea for 5-pages-design-visual in clear speech.
Apparently, everyone was dumb founded as I went on, and jaw-dropped as I finished.

I have this condition of having problem making up my mind on what thoughts to deliver, not clear in head on where to start, and how to deliver a whole story in sequence. I reformat my mind too freequently, leaving no log kept, despite useful or non. How could an empty mind conveys a clear set of message to be understood. Clearing my memory has been a helpful action to achieve a peaceful mind. It would be too pain to remember what had happened every single day.

Weakness could be shucked off. If only I would want to wear myself to frazzle, spending time on what's not my interest(at all) to work better for somebody else. Anything that has to do with IMPROVING LIFE is not my concern because I believe the world has had enough of garbage already!!!! i don't think there will be any trash-collecting Wall-E being manufactured in the future as mankind would have all DIE due to excessive effort in improving mankind's life!!! Mankind is the greatest earth contamination. I have gotten enough damages to my soul already.

need to rest, for tmrow.
It isn't friendly to work in a team with a sleepy head because it feels bad to delay the entire working system. Now I know I would not want to serve anyone else. Dealing with so many parties kill your fun of being a designer. There is no what so ever pleasure in such project that I thought would enhance my portfolio. I was wrong. It will not. Because the end product will only end up as somebody else's property, not your design.

Alas, I have even start adapting stiff technical terms in my daily conversation. Such pollution ought to be DECONTAMINATED!!!WTF

Having faith in the wrong person who has a twisted mind, has led me to such dead end.

What I will do, is not to conceal the damage caused, but to highlight it so I will be abandoned and banned from meetings. That would be very great to me as I had lost interest in connecting mind to ironmen!

Good night,
Dirty Emo


viavia said...

oh poor little babe~~
get more rest then :P
when will u be back?

ManChien said...

10th Sept, nite! =.D!