22nd Sept

8.00 am
can't walk a straight line

8.30 am
traded $3.50 and a 9 ginseng candies for $5.50 money of cab fare

anytime am
felt dizzy

3-6.00 pm
amused many ones with my presented designs, something to laugh about

anytime pm
felt nauseous

anytime pm
felt dizzy

6-8.00 pm
went waraku@marina, $ gone and stomach not too filled with fishy oyster

6-8.00 pm
discovered bad taste bears, liking it

6-8.00 pm
felt back to school in Molecule

6-8.00 pm
bought mini pink bottle for use as purse

6-8.00 pm
realized dizziness and nauseous had gone

laughing over an imaginative scenario bout waxing beautician accidentally plucking off a clitoris while i was having lemon cheese cake

10-11.00 pm
experienced plotting a human nature movie with honey

11.30 pm
knowing myself, by knowing what i'm not during the shower

11.30 pm
{curiosity kills the cat}
thinking that the cat is killable under any circumstances because even curiosity kills it

12.51 pm


Raziel said...

i got 1 bad taste bear!
Mr Horny ! hahaha love it!

ManChien said...

hahaha such obscene name
what's ur mr horny doing? can't seem to search from google