Tuesday morning creepy ears

I was examining the louis vuitton shoulder bag of hers as she boarded in. (this is G)

Firm yellow stitches, very thin edge-seal, fine leather, i supposed it is an authentic one

And then on my right I noticed this bulky PSP.  Attached along his waist belt. (this is B)

* B :  Caucasian Boy

      G :  Girl

B reaching his finger to tip her nose, G was a lil shocked by his action and >.<

and playing with his finger, acting to bite it

Conversation started:

B: my manager commented on my shoes

G: they call on your shoes?

(while me looking out the window, trying not to peek as I over heard their conversation)

B: they - com - ment - on - my - s-h-o-e-s

(slow and clear)

G: why?

B: they commented on my trainies

(I peeked down, oh yeah he was wearing a pair of black trainies under his slacks)

G: which manager?

B:  the american manager from X X X X department 

G: yes, (she asked something)

B: he said is fine

G: (said something i forgot)

G: (started to raise her voice, louder than previous talking)Oh I forgot that you are working in such a big company that ..... (I cant hear what she said but she repeated twice on BIG COMPANY)

G: They pay peanuts and get peanuts

(The rest of the talking by G remained constant in a louder than enough volume)

B: They pay peanuts and get monkeys

G: Oh? I didn't know you are monkey,hehehe *(acting cute)

G: So you all are monkeys

B: yes, we all are (speaking soft)

G: what's the statement again? pay peanuts and get monkey (Speaking in her american-british slang)

B: Yes

G: but i though it is pay peanuts and get peanuts

B: No, it is pay peanuts and get monkeys

G: so if i pay banana, i'll get chimps

B: Yes, honey

G: I pay bananas and i will get champs (trying to correct herself, on chimps, and champs, which i tot is chimp, coz it's chim-pan-zee)

B: Yes

G: but why not elephant? i didn't know monkey likes peanuts

B: (he said something)

G: why not pay peanuts and get elephant?

B: Honey, because elephant is too big

G: (she said something, i cant sure but something like: because elephant likes peanut)

* * * Meanwhile, (Next station, tanah merah interchange . . )

G: I've gotto go

(start clinging to each other)

B: (mumbled something, likely in suggesting her to take a cab)

G: I must walk, I must walk, I must walk (she repeated, I heard)

(meanwhile I placed my hand on my chest, to comfort it from its beating-so-excitedly)

I walked towards the door and stood behind G.

We walked out, and I saw her walking, 





this is her foot steps I recalled.


Wormie d lil said...

In the end she took a cab and went to get her peanuts
() () = = =

ManChien said...

i wonder what did she pay to get LV :}