bento week

Got motivated after drooling over bento pics from minicloud and lacarmina :P

Lunch had been bored stiff for having human food for the 5 past mortal months. Brain cells died every once I have to pair my lunch plate with food of mostly unappealing color and, most in less appetizing brown.

Could be tongue death soon if I do not revitalize my lunch. Have to bye bye AB no-pink food. and too me miss cooking

Bento Exercise 1 :
Pink rice

day 1: Pinky love
costy 100 ringgit :{ burnt up landlord's supplementary pills and bottles on top of the oven

day2: Strawberry pink ball
day3: Pink bento with kimchi and sweetcorn salad :]

2 days of AB food still for getting over tired after robotic chore

* * *

It's dumpling fest.
Went Chinatown with Mp & Jerry for dumplings,

found this inspiring,

Philippines' Choco Suman,
glutinous rice with chocolate filling

could be a sweet pink rice with dark choco filling bento:)~

* * *

now mamiiii don have to worry,
me know how to cook edible rice:} haha

* * *

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