Alien from the apes planet talks

One day, an alien approached me to help him translate his doubts in english:

Below are this alien's cogitation:

do I choose not to eat in AB food court:
Those food are meant to be sold, not to be eaten. Sorry, wrong, to be sold, and to be eaten, but the initial priority is for sale. The marketing strategy is to set a minimum purchase value to earn an extra non-nett profit of 50 cents, gradually increased to 70 cents, then to 1 dollar 50 cents. Without a clear statement of minimum purchase, the strategy failed, at least, to an alien, due to a greed handled business, and the lack of far-sight in satisfying a potential regularly-loyal-regular consumer.

do I choose to read a book, instead of working to meet my deadline:
Because I could produce shit that is good enough to be a great piece of shit, to prove that I can give shit on a deadline. Joke :D!
True reason-
Because I am trying to make up a good sounding reason, to not show my alien unwillingness. Reputation is alien. I know something has to be up tomorrow. To be a shit, or not to be a shit, that is a choice. So why not read a book?
Trying to indulge, might caused a scene where you are wearing your space ship out, that you are stressing yourself to get things done, and create possibility of giving your superior shit. I wish I could at least give out shit with laser facade, perhaps I'd already done, with mind full of unpleasant thought behind an amiable human mask.
I have to say, if you read this, perhaps I will tell you in person if I get a great timing =)
My overtime is for alien indulgence, and I may tag my reputation along the UFO. It is not initially for off-days claims(alien too has annual leaves, cheh), but pathetically is for mars reputation, determination, and idiosyncrasy.
Weird is correct, for an alien.

do I choose to be isolated:
Because alien is meant to be either isolated, or imprisoned(for observation purpose until further notice of guinea-pig experiment). I love my folks, I enjoy my freedom. Life is meaning, itself, like the galaxy. I was given meaning the day I'd born. So as I had given meaning to my parents. Freedom is a choice. So as isolation.

is the office stink like the second hand refrigerator?
Because I think some arses(literally) can talk, and a lot :P


Anonymous said...

What differed human kind and alien?
We are alien in disguise, stop seeking for THEM in outer space, as we are part of them!!!

ManChien said...

how could a normal human tell if we are disguised alien? I think "we" are alien, just alien, with no disguise. That's why "we" are aliens.