when art becomes a sad personality

that merely says you speak art
and has nothing to do with making your living,
the flowers dried and died,
your soul dwindled and gone
left with an empty shell that someone pointed to,
and whispers,"Hey let's feed her dead puss"

Reinsetta was in her gothic dress,
the puss was sent to her lips,
she gave it a bite,
dead juice, down from her chin,
dripping to the red carpet,
leaving the living stoned,
how, could still a dead puss bleed

but they did not know,
it was her trying too hard,
to not to puke just like that,
but through a dead kitten's blood-dried body

This is not Secret of the day:
I watch tv actually, but I don't speak tv,
because I don't want to sound as bulky as a tv box


Ruenn Tzer said...

art are mostly done by mad mens, cuz the normal ones cant understand it, is vincent van goth normal? is the painter of "scream" normal? all mad man~

p.s. LCD TV aren't bulky ahaha

ManChien said...

The advantage of being a mad man is to be called mad and have access to do anything crazy