Imaginary me

Losing grip on reality
I start imagining my self

My eyes are opened
Mind becomes lighter, as I started to see with eyes
Heart feels weighty, I can't imagine when I say "Oh I See."

I am verbally autistic
Imagining me uttering words I bear no mean to speak
I talk(ed)(to you) in my mind

Aye, I am imagining,
My sealed eyes, that see only the darkness of truth, imaginable, clean, possible.
With my optical system shut off, tight, my organs(other) receive only false deceptions, right simple truth.

I was born twisted, not straight, right, with nonsense.
I was born, with long white hair, black invisible spread wings, long face, short-circuited nerves,
and pretty little tits
Sounds like an angel

So you see, and now you read.

Close your eyes, and think.

It's wrong.


Not right.

Think, why would I deceive you?


Raziel said...

like what they say, "you say it is wrong, but sometime there is some rightness in the wrong".

ManChien said...

and there is some wrongness in the right

Anonymous said...

hey let's say think 2twice!

ManChien said...

only if you can think of an answer :')