wowww~~ 'O'

Found this in youtube, and I had almost forgot to take my breath! MAN OH MAN

This man Manlio Noto(or auto translated
page here), he did a speed painting of Spiderman by using Photoshop 7.0.
What I could say is WOW =D! hahhaha im running out of words and im in such a lazy mood to describe how much it fascinates me.

See it by yourself !
and here is the approximately 7 minutes video of his speed painting:


and he did this too:


* Update update

Waniahhh this guys is even more precise in the detailings!

BUMBLEBEE - Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

Respect yuh!=D


Jess P.L. said...

oh my gosh
it's so cool haha
i wish if i had do sth special with this gifted talent hahahaha

ManChien said...

I've tried and have not yet found my gift of controlling my mouse to move as my wish.

I want I want I want a cyber drawing tablet =D !