Pamelo for 中秋节 =)

A Pamelo for a Happy Mooncake Festival =)

I have a lil green hair dolly being kept naked(#6.6) for some time.

While eating pamelo for a pre-mooncake festival warm-up,
I saw this fluffy-spongie-inner-white-skin of pamelo
and it felt so comfy to the touch.
I thought it would made a warm welcome dress
for my new girl =]

So now,
Little Pamelo is here for 中秋!

Pictures of lil Pamelo with her new dress:


I thought her green hair had made a nature charm
with her romantic white dress :)

She's happy with her new dress haha

Love you girl =)

Once again,

中秋节快乐 !

* * *

the 中秋 Doll


raziel the undead nomad said...

hahha finally saw ur creating of tissue dress hahah cool

ManChien said...

is pamelooo-skin dress!~

lynn said...

nice creation!! When u make a real dress made of pamelo!!

clara said...


ManChien said...

I kept some Pamelo skins for the rest of my collection.HAHA

But it became FAT MOU when I checked on it juz now >.< !!!