Not so happy

I am not so happy

I felt anger burning inside.
My ex-b lighted up the fire.


Anger is: Get a sharp long big needle,

and poked right on your own heart.

It is painful because it hurts yourself.
Anger is wet, dirty, and messy.

* * *


I did not shout at her,
to tell her what she should be doing.

Instead, I guessed what were the reasons behind
of her every single act.

I had seen her telling lies,
many many times,
in the line,
to the someone on the other side.

Therefore, I could hardly believe,
she is someone genuine.

Making up so many lies
and make believes,
that everyone is attracted to her existence,
she grows old and not growing up

I have my reason to write down these.
Perhaps I don't need one.
I write my experience.

I laugh, because I see it as a tragicomedy,
that sadden the morality,
and amused me.

* * *

She walked on the street,
as if walking on the red carpet.
So glamourous,
so dramatic,
so pathetic.

* * *

This piece of writing does not intend to assault any good souls but intends to insult the elegant behaviour that offends the beautiful world.



Jess P.L. said...

lil sis...gv u tight hugszzzz

:x remain silence with innocent look yet forever b there for u !!
tat's d best medicine i can ever gv..

take care!!

ManChien said...

002 jie's hug is ever so heart warming and ur best medicine is tasting sweet ~~ =)
thank Q jie =)

raziel the undead nomad said...

well some ppl will just like to shade themselves with sins and lies~ well suits them if they wanna be fake but KICK them (in the right way) if they strom over our route

ManChien said...

I am not so not-so-happy now


Lazydripz said...
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Lazydripz said... her self...SO painfull ler...>.<"...
No worries la k??

Lazydripz said...
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ManChien said...

=)learning to understand=)