Soup of the day: SourGrape-without-mushroom soup

* * *

Emo of the day: SOUR

* * *

Personal message:
You may need your own d r i l l b i t to stay out of a perfect SCREW
. . .

After getting my own drill bits, I can drill kao kao in the workshop tomorrow

I can't drill Morning Charlie,
I can't drill Lori,
I can only drill kao kao my pieces of wood under the legal law system,
it sounds fun to "drill someone de buttock" though

* * * >.< * * * Gan Zeongggg

* * *

Why SourGrape for soup of today?

1) Uncle asked me to search for 'em on my own:( (Im a spoilt 7th grader. And wei it's like playing treasure hunt with a given hint : somewhere around the machines -_-, but where?)

2) Ah li said the bits I want are in the box, or else then tak ada (Memang tak ada)

3) What a cacophony in workshop:(, when jigsaw-gor stop blasting and sandy-jie start humminggg, (dust)sucker never stop making noise:(

4) Corrosive CCola ODed, acidic-> sour-> >.< -> mang zang>:(

~ ~ ~

Why without-mushroom-?
NO Mushroom soup today, KennyR. said only chicken cream soup is served:( I simply can't take meat today cause Im feeling sorry to the deaths.
Rest in Peace, chicks, moo, babe..

>: (

Back to work>:

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