Marionette's wonder..~

One day, 2 little tiny were nattering in a milk bar.. .
(uOu)v~~~...#$%^&*...(-.-) . .

and they came to this wonder bussiness

* * *

...People live like a string attached puppet, since the beginning of

So people are like us.

*Picture from

Some, but they don't dance as much, they play real great performance though. Ah ah ahh.., but some don't.

Some don't? So they are not like puppet then. We perform great plays!

No no no, they are puppets. People even call that among themselves.

How so.0?

They pull among each other, some human puppets have even more than 1 puppeteer. Their strings often get messed up and clung together. Mess~sy.

Wah, bad puppeteers!

Nah nah, they are human puppets and they can move on their own.

So why don't they just move on their own?

If they have no strings on themselves, and if they don't have a puppetteer, they have to fight tooth and nail to get to perform on stage. Hard. People hate wars but they fight for peace. Human puppet performance is indeed a very high demand in their social life.

Oh, so they have to put strings on themselves.S

They are born with stringssS.

WAh! So they are puppetier than us do! .. hm, weird! Ah you mentioned some, so those others without strings are the puppeteer?

No, those without strings are just human, or you could call them existentialist. People are either human puppet-puppeteer or that.

Oh, I see. Hey, nice meeting ya existentialist!

No, my name is Elmo.


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